Current Fly Fishing is based in the reno/ tahoe area, but we can guide all over the Eastern Sierra.

The Truckee River is one of our favorite locations and our home water. The Truckee River is located just north of Lake Tahoe, it’s actually the only outlet of Lake Tahoe. It flows 121 miles on its journey eastward to Pyramid Lake. Once the Truckee River reaches Pyramid Lake that’s it, Pyramid Lake has no outlet. Pyramid Lake is home to The Lahontan Cutthroat Trout (Nevada’s State Fish). Historically these giant Cutthroat Trout swam up the Truckee River and inhabited Lake Tahoe as well. 

Truckee River Nevada

The Truckee River flows 121 miles from Lake Tahoe to Pyramid Lake. Along the way, it passes through many different environments including forests, deserts, and urban cities. On its way to Pyramid lake it passes through Reno, Nevada. This section has lots to offer including accessibility. There are numerous riverside parks and pathways allowing for easy access to the river. This is urban fishing at it’s finest and it’s widely considered home to some of the biggest fish in the river system.

Truckee River Guide Trip

The Truckee River flows 121 miles from Lake Tahoe to Pyramid Lake. Along the way, it passes through many different environments including forests, deserts, and urban cities. The California Section of the Truckee runs through a deep forested gorge we call the canyon. There you’ll find lots of pocket water and deep pools hiding large brown and rainbow trout. Its scenic beauty is unparalleled in the area and can make for a great day of fishing. Check out our link to The Truckee River Fishing Map

truckee River Float

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During certain flows, the Truckee River is prime for floating. We have a 13′ AIRE white water raft outfitted with a fishing frame complete with solid standing platforms and stirrups. A float can be a great way to see the river from a different angle and cover more water. Streamer fishing can be especially good when the conditions are right. Life vests are a requirement while on the raft and will be provided at no extra charge. (float trip availability is subject to the changing nature of water levels)


The East Walker River

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The East Walker flows from Bridgeport reservoir into Nevada. It’s located about 50 minutes north of Mammoth Lakes and can be well worth the drive. Known for sizable Brown and Rainbow trout and frequent dry fly action. This makes the East Walker a world-class fly fishing destination. The River has a different character than any other in the Mammoth Area and pulls anglers from miles around. Also, one of our favorite rivers to fish big streamers on. 

San Joaquin River

San Joaquin River

The San Joaquin River is a gem. Located in a deep forested valley behind Mammoth Mountain Ski Area. It’s wild and free flowing, dry flies for days, hands down our favorite place to fish drys. One of the only places to catch Rainbow, Brown, Brook, and Golden- Rainbow hybrid trout in the same river, The San Joaquin River Grand Slam! Absolutely breathtaking scenery and home to the famous Rainbow Falls and Devils Postpile. Lots of access options including drive up and hike to destinations. We all agree, the further you hike the better it gets.

Hot Creek

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Hot Creek is a very unique place and a geological wonder. With bubbling hot springs and abundant wildlife, it can be hard to focus on fishing. Hot Creek holds one of the densest populations of trout in the western US with historic numbers in the 11,000 per mile! Hopper fishing can be unreal when the time is right. It’s also one of the more accessible rivers we guide, there is no wading allowed at Hot Creek so all the casting is done from shore.

Upper Owens

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The Upper Owens River has a great panoramic view of the Eastern Sierra. Located in the center of the Long Valley Caldera it flows through open pasture and grasslands, making an excellent place for beginners and experts alike. It’s also very easy to access if mobility limitations are a concern.

Small Creeks, Mammoth Area

Rainbow Falls, San Joaquin River near Mammoth Lakes,Ca

There are countless small streams in the Mammoth area, too many to list all of them. Some we’d rather not mention at all (wink, wink). Be assured if it’s a blue line on a map we can most likely guide it so don’t be afraid to ask.

Mix and Match Full Day

Rainbow Falls, San Joaquin River near Mammoth Lakes,Ca

Any two of the locations close to Mammoth Lakes can be combined into one full-day product. It’s a great way to break up the day and have lunch in between spots also the ability to check out some new water can be fun too.